Generally, the necessity for engineering services is based on the nature of the project and capability of the owner.
Engineering services provided by consultant add value to the project and improve its quality. Added to that, it is considerably significant that the owner clearly understand the type of services that may be provided to be able to develop scope of services that serve the project properly. That is why various engineering services that may be provided by Dominion Onward consultants is discussed in detail in the following sections.

    Consultation, investigations and studies

    Design and construction

    Special services

    We involve in collection, interpretation and reporting information in addition to provide conclusions and recommendations. We do comprehensive investigation, analysis of conditions, and comparison between different solution options for the project. In addition to provide conclusions and recommendation regarding the possibility of executing the project.

    We analyse and compare several factors such as environmental impact, risk management, sustainable development, life cycle costs, operating and capital costs, and financial considerations is used as a base for conclusion and recommendation provision.

    Public Involvement

    We take up consultation of present project concept and its details to the public and representing the owner before government departments.

    Materials Engineering and Equipment Tests

    Consultations provided regarding materials engineering and equipment tests involves testing of materials and equipment according to applicable codes, specialized examination equipment and materials employed in the construction and other inspection and observations demanded by the project owner.

    Inspection and Evaluation

    We do evaluation of structure interaction with its surroundings, for example, bridge abutment and the likelihood of scouring in streambed. In addition to testing materials for projects like bridges, roadways, wastewater treatment structures, and other facilities.

    Special services

    Professional services through assistance our clients in preparing for legal proceedings, appearances before boards, and investigation of technical issues need specialized engineering experience, knowledge, and judgment.